makeup pregnancy
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For many women, pregnancy is a time when their bodies do not feel like their own. Hormones and physical changes caused by pregnancy create some special needs. Skin often changes during pregnancy, dark patches appear on the skin (sometimes called the “mask of pregnancy”), and some
women become extremely sensitive to fragrances.

Adjust any skincare regimen for pregnancy-related changes, either by adding more moisture to combat dryness or switching to oil-free formulas if skin has become oilier.

Use sunscreen! Pregnancy hormones often leave the skin sensitive and more vulnerable to the sun. The vigilant use of sunscreen will help minimize the appearance of hyper-pigmentation.

To cover hyper-pigmentation, apply a corrective concealer to the area using a concealer brush. Apply foundation over the entire face, using a light touch to avoid wiping away the concealer. Use the fingers to press additional foundation into areas where needed, and then set it with powder.


For those days when there is no natural glow, fake it with a pretty shade of blush, or use a light touch of bronzer over the face.

For added glow, pat face balm over makeup or on a bare face.

Learn the quick on-the-go makeup routine and promise yourself you will do it (most days) and prepare a palette that is customized for you. Make sure you choose colors that don’t need to be blended.

Minimum steps are concealer and blush.


Everyone, even the most gorgeous model, has the occasional bad day. These are the days when eyes look puffy, skin appears sallow, breakouts seem overly obvious, and nothing seems to help. There are many solutions to improve these situations.

Add moisture. When skin is dehydrated, it looks older and less alive. Drink plenty of water. Use a rich moisturizer to help temporarily plump up skin, making it look softer and younger.


Skip the full makeup application. Avoid the urge to apply makeup in an attempt to banish the badday issues. Use just a bit of concealer, a tinted moisturizer, and a pinky blush.

Curl lashes to open up eyes and make them look more awake. Do not follow with lots of eye makeup. Dark liner and shadows can make tired eyes look even more tired. Stick to light shades on the lids, and use mascara just on the top lashes.

Fake a tan. To enliven sallow-looking skin, apply a light coat of self-tanner, bronzing powder, or gel. Follow with a pinky blush.

Don’t compensate for paleness with too much color. A sheer pink blush will warm up the skin without looking fake. A bit of moisturizer patted onto the skin over blush will make the skin look great.

Add sheer, glossy lip color to perk up a tired-looking mouth. The best shades match your natural lip color or add just a hint of rose or pink.

Dark eyeglass frames really come in handy on some days. Cover bruises with a blemish stick or foundation stick.

Cover discolored scars with a blemish stick, and then apply foundation over the area to blend in with skin tone.

Ease a sunburn with a cool shower and cold compresses. Any redness still remaining can be helped with a light application of foundation or tinted moisturizer. Avoid red-colored lips. Instead, try a bronze or brown-based lip color.